My Living Will Matters

A Living Will directs your family and medical staff whether they should:

  • Continue life-sustaining procedures
  • Withhold life-sustaining procedures or
  • Withdraw life-sustaining procedures


A Living Will differs from a Health Care Proxy because it is limited, covering only decisions you make about whether you wish to be kept on ventilator, have a feeding tube, or other treatments that would prolong your life. A Living Will only takes effect if:

  1. A patient is terminally ill and death is likely to occur
  2. A patient is in a permanent unconscious condition (coma)
  3. A patient’s burden of treatment outweighs the benefits


Think about how you feel about receiving certain treatment if you were unconscious and unlikely to wake up. The only way to make sure your wishes are carried out is by filling out a valid Living Will form for your state.

Your end of life matters. Request your Living Will Kit today.