My Funeral & Cemetery Matters

Making funeral and cemetery arrangements in advance is something that people often overlook when planning their end-of-life matters.¬† If you don’t decide your arrangements in advance, it places a tremendous burden on family members and loved ones to make them for you at a time when they are grieving. In addition, family members will have to navigate through the unfamiliar territory of funeral and cemetery arrangements, and be burdened the expense.

If you also pre-pay when you pre-arrange, you’ll save money, since this freezes the cost of your purchase to avoid future inflation. Besides making sense financially and emotionally for you and your loved ones, pre-planning allows you the opportunity to express yourself with the type of funeral and burial customized to reflect who you really are. Everyday, people just like you and from all walks of life give a gift to themselves and their families by pre-planning.

Our Kit provides a list of 67 things that must be done within 48 hours of your death, many of which can be arranged in advance. You can help alleviate this burden by detailing your funeral and cemetery preferences  in your Kit, and giving a copy to your loved ones so they know your wishes.


Your end of life matters. Request your Living Will Kit today.